How AI Impacts Growth (And Helped Dave Fulfill A Longtime Dream)

One of our clients, Astronomer, is an early adopter of Salesforce Einstein, which is a layer of AI built into the Salesforce platform. It provides insights into the sales process to categorize warm leads vs. hot leads, automate the collection of email engagements with customers and prospects and a lot more. 

Because I've been a heavy Salesforce user since 2007, I lead the relationship between Astronomer and Einstein. Quickly, I was on board with Einstein's foundational belief: AI is changing the way people buy and sell. 

I guess the folks at Einstein sensed my excitement (or some machine did?), because they asked me to present at Dreamforce 2017 to talk more about AI in growth. Perhaps they also knew (from listening in via my devices?) that presenting at Dreamforce was on my bucket list. 

Either way, I was in. Here's a video of the talk I participated in, called "Grow faster with AI: Best Practices That Are Anything But Artificial."

If you haven't used AI in sales, it's everywhere and it will have a presence. If you have questions, reach out to me. I'd love to chat. 

Laurel Brunk