9 Tools to Jumpstart Your Growth

As you will have deduced by now, true growth doesn’t happen accidentally. Below are some of the products, tools and apps we recommend to friends, family and clients who are looking to spark growth: 

1. Drift

Labeled as a “conversational marketing platform” Drift helps convert casual website traffic into leads by engaging visitors and answering their questions in real time. Aside from allowing someone in your team to directly answer questions, their LeadBot technology offers playbooks of pre-packaged templates to capture, qualify and connect the lead to the right person.


The installation is a breeze for anyone with access to your site’s dashboard, and it integrates most popular CRM and hosting platforms like Squarespace.

Cost: Monthly plans start at $0

Find out more at https://www.drift.com/

2. Unbounce

The easiest way to build and test custom landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. Period. You won’t need a developer, or to know how to code. One of the most powerful content and drag and drop editors, allowing you to even control the responsive version of your landing pages. Unbounce makes A/B testing easy and integrates with most popular marketing and automation platforms in the market.


Cost: Unbounce plans start at $99/month.

Learn more at  https://unbounce.com/


3. Zapier

Make automation easy with this easy to use assistant that connects different platforms and allows you to move information between them. With plans starting at $0 per month and thousands of available integrations, you will be able to quickly and efficiently build and automate workflows to make your work life easier. Capture information from a lead form and quickly distribute it to your mailing list, your CRM, your sales department for follow-up and your marketing platform for re-targeting.


Learn more at https://zapier.com/

4. Hotjar

An easy way to truly understand what your audience is doing when they visit your site. Hotjar provides heatmaps by visually representing your visitors' clicks, scrolling and tapping behavior. Hotjar can be set up with one script in mere seconds, dev help is not necessary. The information collected will help you make design and content decisions to help your site convert.


Cost: Hotjar plans start at $0/month.

Learn more at https://www.hotjar.com/

5. Writing Bunny 

Need help getting fresh content? Writing Bunny is a platform that provides carefully crafted content by real writers to cater to your business’ content needs. Delegating and scaling your content with a third party platform allows your team to focus on product, sales and marketing activities.


Price: Varies according to project.

Learn more at https://bunnyinc.com/writing/#/

6. One Month

For those with the need to learn something fast, One Month provides with a simple, easy to use platform and a variety of courses around computer programming, web development and business topics. Classes are either self-paced or offered in a boot camp format and are meant to be completed in, you guessed it, 30 days.


Price: Memberships start at $29

For more information, visit https://onemonth.com/

7. Sumo Tools

A whole suite of automated growth tools for your site. Whether you’re trying to build up your email list, share your content or try to get your visitors to click on a specific CTA, Sumo has the right tool for the job. Starting at $0/month, the Sumo tools are easy to install and manage and allow for integrations with most CRM and website platforms.


For more information, go to https://sumo.com/

8. Design Pickle

On-demand graphic design for a monthly flat-rate. Professional designers, guaranteed output, and world-class support. What more could a company need? For a standard $370/month/user, access unlimited requests, unlimited revisions and a dedicated professional designer with no contract and no obligations.



Want to learn more? Go to https://designpickle.com

9. Crayon

Find out what your competitors - and the brands you aspire to emulate - are up to. Crayon is a service that collects marketing intelligence (including blog posts and video content) and delivers reports to you on a regular basis. Crayon has free and paid plans and using it is as easy as identifying the companies you want to keep track of.


Want to get Crayon? Visit https://www.crayon.co

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg! But these are a handful that we have used and love. Let's go grow!

Astrid Storey