What is Turnkey Marketing?

*Caveat: we are a turnkey marketing solution. So we decided to write about it from our perspective. This article outlines what turnkey marketing is with US. Others may do similar things slightly differently.

Picture this: you’re sitting in your office, tweaking your latest growth campaign. As you assign owners, you realize that for the first time, you can include everything you want. Instead of deleting everything you can’t—or don’t want to—handle, assign it to a senior team of marketing professionals, ready to run.

No need to slice tactics you won’t have time for. No need to limit your vision to the capacity of your staff. That new piece of content that would be a great downloadable tool, the long-form case study from the client who gave a killer testimonial, the new paid ad that you think might work but needs almost constant monitoring because it could also fail miserably: try it all!

When we talk about being turnkey marketers, here’s what we mean:

We’re an extension of your team.

Your goals just became our goals; your KPIs, our KPIs. Think of us as your team, but without the headache of management. So, what does this mean practically?

Talk to us anytime you want. We’ll create a Slack channel for constant exchanges of ideas, thoughts, deadlines or giphys. While we technically monitor it only during business hours, our responses are quick and, if you do contact us during the weekend, we’ll get back to you quickly.

We report to you. Every week, you’ll get a report with what’s been accomplished and what’s coming up to make sure priorities are aligned. We’ll schedule weekly check-ins, too, so we can talk through anything new and make sure there are no roadblocks on either side. And if you want to change course on a dime, we’ll do it happily.

Delegate as much as you like. Collectively, we have decades of experience, have worked in almost every aspect of marketing and are comfortable with dozens of tools. If you want us to connect with your devs to set up customer data tracking, gather testimonials from your most prestigious clients or vet a media influencer on your behalf, great. We’re comfortable being as integrated as you need us to be.

On that note,

We don’t require training.

Let’s face it. Getting good help often means time spent teaching. We want to minimize that effort on your end, and since we’re a senior-level team, we can. We’ve already covered the gamut of marketing tactics—most of them, hundreds of times. We know how to do them, why to do them, when to do them, you get it.

Then, there’s always the question of marketing tools. Each company uses a combination. Some of the big ones are Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Buffer, Drift, etc. We have years of experience in all of them, but here are some of our favorites. Of course, we will need your help to learn about your company, which means we will give you homework. But you won’t have to teach us how to do things. The more you already have—branding and style guide, sales collateral, other content—the faster we can get to know you, and move confidently.

All that said…

We offer marketing strategy, not just execution.

Just because we’re ready to execute doesn’t mean that we only want to execute. Getting to value quickly is important, but we love hearing your marketing challenges and putting together a plan to solve them and to grow your company. Our ideal scenario is executing on a few quick wins while we get to know your company more intimately and can begin offering strategic support from a knowledgeable place.

And of course, if you don’t have a marketing team, we will handle it all, from strategy to execution. But either way, let us truly act as your team by brainstorming together.

What excites us most, always, is getting to participate in growth. Because that’s what impacts a business most. So if we can join forces and activate or accelerate growth for you, then we just might be the turnkey marketing solution you need.

Laurel Brunk