Minute Suites More Than Doubled Daily Sales

What is Minute Suites?

Minute Suites is the retreat for the weary airport traveler, the order to the terminal’s chaos. Anyone who’s had a long layover knows how miserable it is to sleep on the floor, find a seat to read comfortably in, or take work calls with constant interruptions from loud announcements.

So in 2009, the founders of Minute Suites—a group of physicians and healthcare professionals—set out to provide a wellness-based solution to the stress and fatigue caused by air travel. Their solution? A private suite within security for napping, relaxing or working.

Each suite includes a comfortable daybed sofa with fresh pillows and blankets and a workstation. There’s amenities like a thermostat, sound machine, wifi, Netflix and DirecTV. You can rent a Minute Suite for just one hour, or overnight, and, at some locations, even add access to a full bathroom with shower. So far, Minute Suites has six locations in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Dallas.

Every airport should have this, right? (They’re working on that!)

Minute Suites’ Challenge

For Minute Suites, the challenge isn’t convincing travelers they have a great product; it’s making sure travelers know the product exists. Clean, quiet, privacy in the middle of the airport? It seems almost too good to be true.

But there are plenty of people who ended up with a layover or flight delay and missed out because they haven’t ever heard of Minute Suites.They didn’t know they could get to their local airport early to let their child nap or run around right before boarding. They never looked beyond the bar closest to the gate or their favorite airline’s lounge.

In other words, perfectly lovely suites were sitting empty.

Minute Suites had a fantastic team and a great system that made it easier than ever for travelers to book. All they needed was a marketing team ready to go all out to raise awareness.

That’s where Growth Guild came in.

The Growth Guild Solution

I met Minute Suites COO Chris Glass when I interviewed him for another client, Hoist. Chris is a triathlon phenom and drinker of Hoist, so I was asking him about that experience as a part of a blog series we did early on.

Later, Chris told me, “I wondered why I didn’t have anyone doing that for me!” After I connected Chris with our biz dev guru, Dave, we realized pretty quickly that we were a great fit. Chris needed a seasoned marketing team to operate independently and demonstrate results; our ideal client is one that likes to let us run with projects as long as we can prove that they’re working.

From day one, we began operating as an auxiliary marketing team.

With every account, we like to start by identifying “quick wins”—something we can start executing on that week while continuing to learn a company and dig deeper into more strategic needs. To us, the first steps involved increasing awareness, yes, but also addressing some of the natural barriers like potential reticence to a pay-by-the-hour room.

So we made a list of quick wins:

  • Build a social media presence

  • Create content around cleanliness

  • Activate the unused email database

All this while we began building personas, centralizing reviews, strategizing around social and content, experimenting with paid ads, trying to get Minute Suites featured by travel influencers, planning a campaign around their new mobile ad launch and thinking long-term about what kind of strategy made sense.

Working with Growth Guild

The fun part is, Minute Suites makes our job easy. Without sharing specific numbers, let’s just say the sales skyrocketed our first 6 months of our time together. Total daily sales are holding strong at about 50% higher than before we joined the team, and we have a few campaigns in the works that we expect to keep them soaring.

Each week, we plan campaigns internally and try out different tactics, constantly making changes about what’s working. And except for a few check-ins a month, we offer really independently. “They’re the marketing team, and I trust their gut,” says Chris Glass. “They have blanket approval up to a certain point. It keeps things moving and, so far, it’s always paid off.”

As Minute Suites prepares to double in size, we can’t wait to see what that can mean for sales. We’ll keep running hard to keep things fresh our client and see how high we can get their numbers to go.

In the meantime, if you’re traveling, check them out! Sure, we want another sale. ;) But mostly, we want you to experience firsthand what a game changer it is to have a minute to yourself during your next trip.

Laurel Brunk