How dotloop Leveraged Growth Guild to Achieve Their Campaign Goals: A Case Study

dotloop is an online workspace that connects everyone and everything needed to complete a real estate transaction in one place. In other words, you can edit, complete, sign and share documents without ever needing to print, fax or email.

dotloop for Teams, the part of the business we were hired to grow, is a transaction management platform that gives team leaders real-time visibility to real estate transactions among team members, all in one place. Talk about simplifying collaboration. It also happened to be dotloop’s main focus to drive market share.

dotloop’s Challenge

The good news for dotloop was that every agent at their biggest national partner, Keller Williams, has a dotloop account. Better yet, Keller Williams is the biggest promoter of team structure within the real estate industry. “This was low-hanging fruit,” says Tomas Diaz, Marketing Manager at dotloop. “There was no big hurdle of introducing what dotloop is, just showing them that what they already use could be even better.”

Wait, so what’s the challenge?  

“We needed help and didn’t have the bandwidth to take on all the marketing opportunities we had,” says Tomas. Here at Growth Guild, we not only have a combined 30+ years of experience in the real estate industry but Dave and Steve both worked at dotloop years ago. So we would both be strategizing for an audience with whom we were already familiar and trust had already been established. Easy decision.

The Growth Guild Solution

To kick things off, the two teams got in a room together and brainstormed the dotloop for Teams campaign. It was a summer contest involving tactics like emails, landing pages, paid and organic social, new sales collateral and more.

“The big value Growth Guild brought,” says Tomas, “was thinking outside the box to create an overarching strategy and identify channels we normally wouldn’t leverage to launch a 360-degree campaign.” By monitoring each channel closely and constantly asking what’s working and what’s not, dotloop made some discoveries that are significant beyond the campaign.

“A key finding was identifying the lowest friction point to get people to engage,” says Tomas. By leveraging many different channels, dotloop discovered that the entry point was a newsletter/email subscription. From there, what they did on paid social resulted in a lower cost per lead because we could nurture through email.

Beyond the success of the campaign (dotloop achieved every sales goal they had set), the learning that took place along the way will continue to drive ROI.

Working with Growth Guild

And what’s it like to partner with Growth Guild, not just as a “stealth marketing team” (as we like to call ourselves) but also as an extension of a current marketing team? “Comfortable is the best way to put it,” says Tomas. “They’re professional and experienced. Collaboration was easy, because they’re open, responsive and quick.” Then he adds our favorite part: “We got the full package with Growth Guild. It’s pretty much what you want from a third party agency.”

The feeling is certainly mutual! We loved getting to dive back into one of our favorite industries and collaborate with a smart, creative team to execute a fun and unique campaign. If you’re in the real estate world and want to make every transaction easier, talk to dotloop! If you’re a marketing team who wants more bandwidth and fresh eyes, talk to us. ;)

Laurel Brunk