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When it comes to staying hydrated, Hoist is the answer. Why? Because it’s engineered to be different. Without getting too scientific on you, most hydration drinks available are hypertonic (leading sports drinks and coconut waters) or hypotonic (low calorie and zero calorie drinks). The causes a slight delay in hydration, which can mean cramping or sluggishness.

Hoist is an all natural, perfectly isotonic beverage (and it’s delicious!). That means it has the perfect blend of water, carbohydrates (the good kind) and electrolytes to flow right through your stomach, instantly replenishing your body and mind. It’s the answer to any hydration need, from an intense workout to a night on the town.

Hoist’s Challenge

Comparable to Pedialyte, Hoist launched in 2009 as a tastier hangover cure. The founders sold it locally, out of the trunks of their cars. Within months, new stories emerged: customers found that Hoist improved their workouts, helped them stay more focused at the office, even calmed the side effects of chemotherapy. Hoist was a whole lot more than a hangover cure.

For several years, their focus was retail and event sponsorship. While those are still important components of the business, they also launched an e-commerce site at the beginning of 2017. Without any marketing at all, the reaction was positive. But they knew to grow big, they had to start reaching new audiences digitally.  

By partnering with AGAR, a local growth medium that leverages human experiences, event production, digital platforms music, art and content design, Hoist re-branded to develop a strong brand culture and build awareness through AGAR-managed events and social media.

But the time had come to focus on the next level of the marketing funnel and close more sales. That’s when Hoist and Growth Guild met.

The Growth Guild Solution

“We weren’t really looking for an agency,” says Rachel, Director of Business Development at Hoist, “We were ready for fresh eyes and creative minds. When a mutual friend introduced us to Growth Guild, our teams hit it off right away.”

Hoist and Growth Guild began working together to promote Hoist’s e-commerce business. Through paid ads, online user experience optimization, email campaigns and some social media, sales steadily increased month over month. Four months into the relationship, monthly sales are already 60% higher.

Equally important, Growth Guild has had a chance to lay the foundation for continued and sustained growth. “We’ve introduced a lot of automation to activate the community, like launching promo codes and nurture campaigns to create ways to re-engage consistently. We don’t want customers to stall out after the first order,” says Dave Paprocki, Client Manager of Hoist.

Additionally, Growth Guild identified some quick wins. One barrier for people was that each case is a single flavor. By introducing a new 5-flavor variety pack, people could test each flavor before ordering 12 bottles. That product has become a fast favorite.

Growth Guild has also been able to test messaging for different audiences. While the message to the sports audience has been pretty established, there are many other types of people who resonate with Hoist. Through social media, Growth Guild can quickly experiment with messaging to better understand the scope of the audience—and tailor new ads and posts accordingly.

Rachel says they’ve also brought the “fresh eyes” Hoist was looking for. “For example, we think everybody knows what ‘isotonic’ is,” Rachel explains. “Growth Guild reminded us they don’t. And we need to educate along with closing sales to continue to gain momentum.”

Working with Growth Guild

Rachel describes Hoist’s relationship with Growth Guild as “easy.” With a shared Slack channel, communication is seamless and constant. “We always have ideas,” says Rachel. “Now, they don’t get lost. We share them and Growth Guild makes sure they get captured. Better yet, they say, ‘Actually, let’s do it this way to make it more effective.’ So they’re not only captured, but also organized and executed.”

For Hoist, partnering with Growth Guild is better than hiring a single marketer. “Growth Guild has become a natural extension of us. Like a well-oiled machine, they can do it all: the system automation, paid ads, social, content, blog, design, etc. One person wouldn’t have all that. It feels like we added 4 more people to our team.”

As for Growth Guild, we love working with Hoist, who’s always brainstorming, loves to try new things and has a product that truly fulfills a real need for people. Not to mention, we’re better hydrated than ever before. Seriously, try it out for yourself! ;)