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Laurel Brunk

Since her childhood days of saving stories on floppy disks for future publication, Laurel has loved giving ideas a narrative. She's never shied away from a new subject or style, which has given her a breadth of professional experience, including movie script treatments for major networks, branding assets for agency clients, technical explainer videos for Fortune 500 executives, research-based guides for product teams and more.

Laurel's specialty is tailoring concepts to a specific audience, which she's done widely on a freelance basis for nearly a decade and with great depth as Director of Content for two organizations: a local, venture-backed tech startup ( and the fastest-growing and 4th largest church in America (Crossroads). 

When she’s not writing, Laurel is often hacking together itineraries, leveraging travel deals and credit card rewards to explore a new piece of the world with her husband, Tim. Or at home wearing sweatpants, drinking wine and reading a book (the real kind, with pages).