Welcome to Growth Guild

We can’t wait to be part of your growth. Before we get started, here’s an outline of our processes so we can begin working together seamlessly—and start creating value for you right away. Let’s do this!


Project Management

During our kick-off meeting, we’ll introduce a Client Manager. This person will lead weekly 30-minute check-ins, send weekly reports (look for them on our shared Slack channel) and project manage your deliverables. Any questions? This person is your go-to.

Our Process

Overall Processes: We adapt to fit your dynamic (that’s part of our whole deal!) but there are a few standard procedures that might be nice to know:

  • You’ll have some homework. We will outline what we need from you in writing at each stage of the project and share it via Slack, our weekly check-in meetings and/or our weekly report; once we have what we need, we’ll start work at once.

  • With content, we like to be iterative, providing a v1 for client feedback. The first round of revisions should be in-depth enough for us to create a near-final v2, followed by one more set of revisions, if necessary, and a final deliverable. All in, you will receive three iterations: v1, v2 and final.

  • Every file we create for you is yours. We’ll deliver it straight to you in the format(s) you desire.

The Feedback Loop: That said, we want you to be 100% satisfied. And we will make an effort to incorporate all your feedback. To help get you organized, here are a few helpful ways to speed up the process:

  • Give us as many specifics as possible. If something doesn’t feel right, try to explain what feels wrong about it or show us something else you do like. Anything to help you articulate your vision.

  • Make sure your notes clear: Use bullet points to break it down. Use headers to organize it into sections. Read over your feedback so we can dig right into changes without circling back for clarification.

  • Post feedback on Slack comms instead of emailing or private messaging directly. If you’re responding in a google doc, you can post the link in Slack comms. This helps us keep full visibility as a team, since there are usually multiple members working on each project (sometimes behind the scenes). For large projects, we may even provide you with a shared spreadsheet to track changes.

  • If you have multiple team members that need to provide feedback, great! But please be gatekeeper and gather everything into one document for us to keep the project organized.


The fastest way to reach us (and your Client Manager) is via Slack. We will set 2 members* of your team up with a Slack channel and monitor it during Eastern Standard Time business hours. You can expect to receive timely responses to Slack (same day) and email (within 24 hours) to messages sent M-F between 9 am and 5 pm unless we have out of office hours posted. Or we can set up a phone call as soon as the following business day. For your sake, we will attempt to limit our messages to you to those hours as well.

  • Please note: Slack is a collaboration hub for work. It does not, however, allow us to export our channel's full exchange at any point in the engagement. If your business needs to comply with regulatory requirements regarding the preservation of written communications, please alert us at the start of your contract so we can establish a different communication method.

*If you need more than 2 team member seats on Slack, we can share a channel within your internal Slack organization—ask us about it and we can help you set it up.

Payment Options

We will invoice you monthly, beginning on your kick-off date. Clients who choose a two-payment option receive a 5% discount on their invoice. Clients who choose a one-time payment option receive a 10% discount on their invoice. If a payment is 30 days late or more, we reserve the right to pause all work until the past due payment is received. Preferred payment method is credit card or ACH. We also accept checks sent to Growth Guild LLC, 1340 Apple Brook Lane, Centerville OH 45458.

What Happens Next?


Kick-off preparation. Remember that homework we mentioned? Assignment #1 is gathering the following information (it will all be stored securely in 1password):

  • Access to your website dashboard (hosting too, if possible)

  • Access to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)

  • Access to your email marketing account (MailChimp, Constant Contact)

  • Are there tools you currently use we should have access to?

  • Access to your branding tool kit, logos and other branding visual elements

  • Access to your content library (marketing and sales)

To make sure we cover everything to begin producing for you, please make sure you’re ready to talk through the following items:

  • Your pitch (pretend we’re a prospect and give us the pitch)

  • Your top three target personas

  • Your current funnel (what are you currently doing to Attract > Convert > Close)

  • What has worked and what hasn’t?

  • Who are your top three competitors?

  • Determine a weekly 30-minute check-in meeting time that works for you

  • Give access, as outlined above

Kick-off call. A 60-minute chat with our team to get your pitch, personas, funnel, past experience and competitors and identify 3 quick wins we can focus on during the first weeks.

If you don’t have a kick-off call scheduled yet, expect to hear from us soon!